Tubal Reversal Baby At Age 50 – Testimonial #1088

“Now my life is a good life. Thanks for this.”

Tubal Reversal Baby - Rosaluna.Posted 2nd March, 2011

Now my life is a good life. Thanks for this.

Doctor who performed ligation reversal surgery: Dr. Berger
Date of tubal reversal: October 2001
Date of Baby’s Birth: 08 February 2011
Current Age: 50
Baby’s Name: Rosaluna
Baby’s Gender: Female
Baby’s Weight: kg.3,100 she was born 4 weeks in advance
Baby’s Length: 50 cm.
Number of pregnancies since TR: one
Outcome of previous pregnancies: blighted ovum

Antonella P.
Rome, Italy

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11 thoughts on “Tubal Reversal Baby At Age 50 – Testimonial #1088

  1. shirley

    My name is Shirl and I was just scanning thru the testimonials. when i saw yours i had to stop and read. She is such a beautiful baby. just beautiful. i almost in tears as i write. i too had correspondence with the doctor but i never went thru. i went as far as him getting my doctor records and a return call him. i am 45 and really going to give this a try by the summer. recently got married to a much younger man (smile. i am very excited because you give someone in my age bracket hope, thank you very much

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